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in realtime

Built by AI experts, LingoPal translates millions of data points daily. Used across many industries for our accurate speech-to-speech translation, speaker detection, speaker emotion and more.

Setup takes less than 5 minutes

Leverage our no code solution. We can handle any media format. Simply send us your live feed and we send it back to you translated in real time.

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Why lingopal

Our AI globalizes your content with no hassle

Easy to integrate + 24/7 support

Connect your live stream to us in under 5 minutes. Our team of AI experts can help customize our solution for your needs.

Captions & Audio

Captions and audio are translated in real time in 60+ languages.

Cloned Voice

Every voice is cloned in real time. Our translated audio sounds identical to the original speakers voice.

Conversational AI

Our AI can handle industry vocabulary and is trained to handle how people speak. (Slang, Idioms, and more)

State-of-the-art Technology

Experience superhuman accuracy

"People do not speak like a dictionary"

Our AI has been trained on millions of

data points to out-perform computer

human translators.

> 97%

Translation Accuracy

A BLEU score of 54 ensures accurate translation


Speaker Emotion

& Voice Captured


Our system handles

multiple speakers with ease

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Unlock Global Communication in Real-Time!

Empower your conversations with our cutting-edge live-chat AI! Seamlessly translate speech across languages instantly, fostering connections worldwide. Experience the future of communication today.

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Build new AI products with voice data leveraging Lingopal`s industry-leading Speech AI models for accurate speech-to-text, speaker detection, sentiment analysis, chapter detection, PII redaction, and more.

60+ Languages

AI Tonal Mapping

AI Facial Mapping

Media Player Embeds

Built-in Media Player

Smart Transcript Editor